prevent virus before it infects your computer

The majority of computers can catch a virulent disease through an e-mail attachment or link. Most viruses will use an infected computers address book to distribute themselves, therefore you’re a lot of more likely to receive an epidemic from somebody you know instead of a total stranger.

However, the simplest approach to spot whether or not any attachment could be a possible virus hazard is by wanting at the extension (suffix) of the connected file.

Hazardous file attachments are .pif, .exe, .com, .vbs, .bat, .bin, .dot, .reg, .js, .scr, .xlm and .dll. While this list is by no suggests that exhaustive these are the definite ones to be on-guard for.

In case you’re wondering, catching a deadly disease by file sharing is the second most standard approach to get infected. File sharing whether you employ removable disks, CDs, DVDs, memory cards/sticks or maybe synch cables can create your “never connected to the Net” laptop, prone to catching a scourge.

Protecting your laptop from a pc virus infection is relatively easy if you follow these easy steps:-

– Place anti-virus software on all of your computers whether or not they are Internet connected or not.

– Do not open or download file attachments (attached files) in your e-mails. Especially the ones with the extensions .pif, .exe, .com, .vbs, .bat, .bin, .dot, .reg, .js, .scr, .xlm and .dll.

– Don’t click on links in the body of your e-mails.

– Don’t download software from internet sites that you are doing not understand.

– Never install software on your computer unless you know where it came from.

– Run a manual anti-virus scan for each twenty four hours you employ your computer.

– Be certain that your anti-virus software is up-to-date. All anti-virus software merchandise typically give updates every two – four weeks and this service is free of charge to registered users for up to a year.

– Received an e-mail from somebody you know but didn’t expect them to send you a file attachment? Decision the person first, before downloading or opening the file attachment to confirm that it really came from them. Some virus programs are terribly smart at creating it look like they are simply files sent to you from somebody in yours or your friends e-mail address book.

– Put firewall software on all your computers that are temporarily or permanently connected to the Internet.

If you follow these simple steps you should be able to stop a virus before it infects your pc

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